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Forever the Forest, the Mother of all Medicines, the Lungs of the World. From the Forest I have everything, everything She gives me…

Kuntanawa Tribe

Located in the Brazilian Amazon, the people of Kuntanawa are one of the twelve known

Haru Kuntanawa

Kuntanawa Chief Leader Haru Kuntanawa Visits with Pachamama Church and Queen of the Forest Haru

Kuntanawa Sananga & Rapé

Sananga Sananga is a plant native to the Amazon, it is used by the people

Meet Haru Kuntanawa – Indigenous Leader Fighting for Mother Earth

“I came to this planet to take my people out of prison and to go

The Shipibo Labirinth

Thanks for SharingThank you for helping us promote our message and raise awareness for the

10 Amazing Amazon Rainforest Facts

Ten more fascinating facts about the Amazon rainforest The Amazon rainforest is home to over

Ayahuasca and the Boa Mother

They all knew the secret of the power plant that is ayahuasca, the liana. The

What is Shamanism?

“Shamanism” is something that cannot be reduced to a single definition or explanation. Religion, belief,

Awa Guaja Indian Tribe of Brazil

Native indian Awa Guaja of Brazil. Mother with child. The Awa- Guaja inhabit the forests

How can we save our rainforests?

We are all aware of deforestation, or at least should be. It is a great