plant medicine retreats


Shamanic Retreats – Learn How to Hold Space for Sacred Work

Becoming a Ceremony space holder is a duty of every sister and brother who frequently go to ceremonies anywhere.  Learn the ways while you train with Madrinhas, Padrinhos, Pagés and the most profound Daime/Aya Experiences available today. 

Vivências na Floresta – Come Live and Work in the Forest for a Week, a Month or Even a Year. 

Some might even do it for a lifetime. Being in the presence of the majestic forest and the noblety of the people who live there is a unique lifetime experience for anyone who’s tired of the same old Tyrannic Hypocrisy that is out in the world.

We have Different Options but mainly they involve volunteering and learning about how to cultivate the sacred medicine plants from the original people who inherited the knowledge from their elders.

Daime Perpétuo Project (Perpetual Daime/Aya).

We will be going to help ensure the sustainability of the Ayahuasca movement. The Santo Daime Prophet Mestre Irineu Serra prophesized that a time would come when so many people in the world would turn to the Daime, if we didn’t start growing more plants we would have to feed it in tiny desert spoons. Come help manifest the new Harmonic Reality of the UpComing Golden Age and be forever transformed by it.