rainforest prosperity

Our main goal is to promote rainforest prosperity.

For decades people of the forest sell away their lands because they don’t have a way to survive in it anymore. Their youth see the shining things of the modern world and they want to have them. Being an indigenous person in South America was something almost derogatory until a little while ago. Our goal is to be the bridge between the Indigenous tribes and the modern civilization, so that the energy and prosperity can circulate to the rainforest, without the tribes having to leave in search of a more comfortable life.

Introducing Rainforest Awareness Worldwide

Taking Rainforest Consciousness Throughout the World

More than half of the world’s estimated 10 million species of plants, animals and insects live in the tropical rainforests. One-fifth of the world’s fresh water is in the Amazon Basin.

What is Rainforest Consciousness?

The rainforest represents the last frontier in human healing and consciousness. More than half the plants used to make the medicines we use today in the pharmacies come from there and still a large percentage of medicinal plants exist in the rainforest that we don’t yet know anything about.

Asides from that, in the Rainforest there are still many indigenous groups living as their ancestors lived long ago. It is one of the last remaining strongholds of native cultures that have preserved their traditions and way of life.

Then we have the power plants that have excited and mystified westerners for centuries. These teacher plants, such as Ayahuasca, San Pedro and others have the power to expand consciousness, provoke major psychic, spiritual and even physical healing to anyone brave enough to withstand the experience. They have been growing in popularity over the past few decades, specially Ayahuasca. It has been a catalyst to incredible change in the lives of many, healing depressive states and freeing people from old patterns or paradigms that held them hostage before.

We depend on the rainforest for the oxygen it produces and for so many other reasons. Expanding the consciousness of the people of the world about what it means is our mission. We believe that by educating people about the benefits of this last frontier is the only way to truly preserve it while creating a way for the rainforest to benefit the world in an even more striking form. By sharing the medicines, the traditions and the wisdom of the forest. This way we create a mutually beneficial channel. The people of the world receive the healing medicines of the forest in the form of products that are sold. Revenue from sales helps the communities that still live in the forest to preserve their lands. The world wins, the forest wins.

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Marcio Purusha Pachamama ChurchMarcio Purusha is a Brazilian Medicine man who has devoted his life to the medicine path for more than 25 years. Marcio has been very passionate about protecting the rainforest and the people who live in it for most of his life, which was initially the thread that lead him to choose Ayahuasca and the Medicine Path decades ago. He studied under some of the main elders of the Santo Daime tradition of Brazil for 12 years and has been living in the United States for 15, where he facilitates ceremonies through Pachamama Circle and TheVioletRay, a movement he founded in 2007 and which has been growing ever since in North America. Purusha would describe himself not as a shaman or as a healer, although many do call him those things, but as a servant. Here to serve the Light and Carry the Grandmother medicine in his journey throughout the world. He calls himself a “CATMATIC” Person. One who is not Dogmatic … Such is his sense of humor and love for the service to the world and to the Medicine.

Marcio studied film making in college and he carries a strong belief that we can raise awareness and ultimately change the world through media among other things. One of his many goals is to see the Ritual Use of Ayahuasca and all sacred medicine plants be recognized world wide and help humanity achieve its illumination and grow into a more fair and ecological society that respects its elders and lives in more harmony with the earth and its resources.

Besides guiding and facilitating ceremonies almost every weekend, he also is the Founder of Rainforest Awareness Worldwide a non-profit organization and is the Producer/Director of Ancient Voices. A documentary project about the elders of the medicine traditions of South America.



Hands down, the best way to protect the Amazon rainforest is to empower the Indigenous People that live there so they can keep their land instead of selling to cattle ranchers.

Protecting the Amazon is more effective than current worldwide efforts to reduce industrial emissions and install alternative energy sources combined.

Protecting the Forest by empowering the Indigenous People who take care of it!

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