We are loosing our Planet’s most amazing biological treasures right as we are starting to appreciate its real value.

Rainforests covered 14% of the Planet’s land surface area; Currently they cover just 6% and experts approximate that the remaining rain forests might be consumed in less then 40 years if we continue deforastation at the same pace.

One and a half acres of rainforest are lost to burns or logging each and every second, with terrible long term repercussions for developing and industrialized countries alike.

These fabulous forests are being ruined because the value of forest land is regarded only for the value of its lumber by short-sighted federal governments, international logging business as well as landowners.

Almost half of the world’s plant varieties, animals and insects will be destroyed or seriously threatened in the following quarter century because of deforestation of the Tropical Rainforests.

Specialists approximate that we are losing 137 types of plants, animals as well as bugs on a daily basis as a result of exotic woodland deforestation. That is equivalent to 50,000 species each year.

As rainforest varieties disappear, so do many possible treatments for deadly diseases. Presently, 121 drugs marketed globally originated from plant-derived sources. While 25 percent of Western pharmaceutical items are originated from forest components, less then 1% of these tropical trees and plants have been evaluated by scientists.

The majority of exotic forests are cleared by chainsaws, bulldozers as well as wood fires for their value as well as are then followed by ranching and also farming operations, also by world titans such as Mitsubishi Company, Georgia Pacific, Texaco, McDonalds and Unocal.

There were about ten million Indians who live in the Amazon basin five centuries ago. There are less then 200,000 today.

In Brazil alone, settlers decimated more than 90 indigenous nations since 1900. Gone with them were centuries, maybe thousands of years of accumulated expertise of the medicinal value of Rainforest plants. As their homelands continuously are ruined by deforestation, rainforest people are vanishing too.

Most of the medicine men, the curanderos (shamans) in the rain forests today are 70 years or older. Every single time a Rain forest medicine man passes away, it’s as if a library had burned down.

When one of these curanderos passes away without passing his arts to the future generation, the tribe and also the globe looses countless years of irreplaceable understanding regarding medicinal plants.

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