Wholesale Rapéh Snuff – The Freshest Rapeh from the Amazon


Wholesale Rapé Snuff

Wholesale Options Now Available:

     Special offer for U.S Customers only— We are exploring Wholesale options and want to start by offering our US customers (for now) the opportunity to purchase bulk rapeh with deeply discounted prices!

These are the current offerings:

     250g for $399 + $49 shipping

     500g for $799 + $49 shipping

Blends Available for this offer this week are:


Contact us if you would like a different blend and will do our best to accommodate you. Shop@queenoftheforest.org

Please allow 15 days for your rapé to ship since it will be made special for you and shipped to us from the Brazilian Amazon.  Often times we may have received a fresh batch of your chosen blend and be able to send your bulk order right away but expect 15 days max for delivery.

Make your Purchase below and save hundreds of dollars on your favorite blend of Queen of the Forest Hapeh or contact shop @ queenoftheforest.org to talk to a Rapeh specialist. Haux!

NO COUPONS ALLOWED! If you use a promo coupon with this product your order will be declined.