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How We Can Change Our Lifestyles To Preserve The Rainforest, Part 1

We should all be concerned with saving the rainforest, and we can do our part by making small changes to our lifestyles. If everyone chose to do so, the results would be amazing. Trees offer us beauty and shade of those hot summer afternoons. Trees also help reduce the effects of carbon dioxide. Planting more trees is a very easy way you can help the to preserve the rainforest.

You can help reduce the amount of waste by recycling, especially recycling paper. The number one reason why rainforests are being destroyed is to provide more wood for paper. Another reason is for building homes and businesses. There are plenty of other types of materials you can choose from so that the rainforest can be preserved.

Other products produced from rainforest trees include rubber and lumber. Take a good look at how much of these commodities you are using. Try to limit the use of them to only necessities and look for alternative materials when it comes to luxury items.

Do you drink large amounts of coffee or use spices each time you cook? If so, you can be damaging the rainforests. This is because the demand for coffee and spices are so high areas of the rainforest are being cleared away to grow them.

Americans contribute to 25% of the pollution worldwide. This is due to the fact that they consume more fossils fuels for their vehicles and factories than any other country. There are many changes you can make to cut down the amount of pollution you contribute on a daily basis.

Consider taking public transportation or carpooling to and from work. There are also many great models of hybrid vehicles that can operate for long periods of time on electricity. This is a good investment for the environment as well as to save money on the cost of fuel.

Other Ways to Protect our Forest and the Environment

Responsible consumption


– Give preference to wood products with the seal FSC (Brazilian Council of Forest Management). This is the guarantee that the wood has been properly removed. Deforestation is primarily responsible for our emissions of greenhouse gases. By buying sustainable products, the incentives to clear the forest decrease.


– Eat foods from the season and give preference to organic ones, which do not use agrochemicals. So you take care of your health and the environment.

Plastics – packaging

– Avoid picking up plastic bags unnecessarily. Carry a bag or backpack with you when shopping. This will generate less waste.

– Give preference to products with little packaging or economical packaging that generate less waste.

– Try to buy products near where they are made. In this way, products do not need to be transported over long distances and, consequently, there are no unnecessary emissions of gases that cause global warming.


– Use rechargeable batteries. So you avoid polluting the environment and spend less. Dispose of the battery at the appropriate collection location, not the regular waste.

– Use calculators and flashlights that can run on solar or dynamo. This does not require batteries.


– Take used batteries from mobile phones to resellers. They should not be disposed of in the household waste as they contain heavy metals which are highly toxic to human health and the environment.

Cell phone

– Avoid replacing your mobile device unnecessarily. Aside from spending money, you will be contributing to greater pollution on the planet.


-Avoid buying what you do not need to not generate more junk. To make it easier, make a list in advance. In addition to economy, you will have less junk.

– Try to improve your computer instead of buying a new one. Every year, more than 20 million tons of electronic waste are discarded. Most are not yet recycled.

– Prefer to buy in stores that adopt correct socio-environmental practices.

Ink and paper

– Use water-based paints to paint your home. They are less toxic and less polluting.

– Give preference to napkins and cloth towels rather than disposable.

– Use both sides of the sheet of paper.

– Print emails and documents only when needed.

– Do not get pamphlets delivered on the street unless you are interested in the information. If caught, do not throw on the street after reading it

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    The elders who started it all, their lives, their stories, their song, their faces, their medicine and the message they leave for us in the hopes of a better future
  • Our Project aims to bring to relevance the life stories and teachings of those forgotten voices of the forest.  Ancient Voices is designed to allow these elders to share their wisdom in a time of so much need, bringing forth new role models.
  • Ancient Voices Project will produce a series of documentaries, registering and documenting these fascinating life stories. It will also produce  4 coffee table style photo books, computer screen savers and stock footage as well as recordings of songs and icaros from these elders.
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Daily Habits

  • Eat only local grass fed beef (it’s better for you anyway)
  • Don’t buy furniture that is made with woods from the rainforest
  • Watch your consumption of soy, large pieces of rainforest land are cut for the cultivation of soy
  • Purchase rainforest lands for preservation
  • Purchase art from rainforest people
  • Drink more Ayahuasca
  • Support organizations that support the rainforest – donate time or money or both to these organizations. Some examples are: RAN, RAW, others…
  • Reduce your carbon emission


Support World Land Trust and Buy an Acre of Rainforest

World Land Trust (WLT) amazon-jungle-wallpaperis a project dedicated to saving threatened habitats acre by acre, creating protected nature reserves across the world. You can help them create new or extend existing reserves by buying acres and providing more safe havens for some of Earth’s most vulnerable wildlife. Help save real acres, in real places.




Reduce Your Carbon Emission

Climate change is one of the biggest threats to our global community nowadays, and it’s very important that governments worldwide take a stance towards changing industry standards and local policies to help reduce the amount of CO2 we release in the air. By taking a few different steps to reduce our own carbon emissions, we can serve as an example to our communities and help others see this as a possibility. “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Here are some links with helpful information on how to do this from your home.

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