A new interactive map by the Global Forest Watch Project lets anyone with internet access view a detailed, dynamic map of the processes of deforestation across the Globe.
The map, which displays geographic statistical data in multi-colored spots, gives the viewer the option to select what data they want to see imprinted on the map from a variety of different land-uses. With an easy on/off switch, the user can switch from visual representations of elements like Protected Areas, Land Rights, Resource Rights, Managed Forests, Mining, Major Dams, Primary Forests, Biodiversity Hotspots, Tree Cover Gain and Tree Cover Loss, among others.
Under Tree Cover Loss, one also has the option to display “Loss by Driver”, in which the different dominant drivers of deforestation are displayed in different colors. Using this feature, one can see how much of the forest loss is caused by Commodity Driven Deforestation, Forestry, Shifting Agriculture, Urbanization and Wildfire and in which areas.
The map is a powerful tool for environmentalists around the world to have a scope of what are the major forces threatening the forests in their area and to have a general idea of how much area is protected versus how much is being deforested. It’s also a great educational tool for anyone who wants to know more about the area they live in or the world at large, from an environmental point of view.
Global Forest Watch Interactive Map

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