Amazonian biodiversity still holds many unknown secrets of humanity. The region’s forests account for 60% of all life on Earth, but it is estimated that only 30% of all forests are known to science.

How many secrets and new species of fish, birds, animals or microorganisms are we still unaware of?

The animals are a chapter apart: dozens of primate species find shelter in dense Amazonian vegetation.

The origin of biodiversity is currently explained by shelter theory, in which groups of animals were isolated on islands of vegetation and undergoing a process of specialization. As the islands re-grouped into a single, immense green area, the base Of the floristic and animal diversity was already formed.

The Amazon has more than 3 thousand species of trees only, immersed in the fragility of ecosystems. Giant trees – some more than 50 m high – live basically from humus resulting from decaying vegetation. Little is known about the total variety of animal, vegetable and biomedical species.

It is estimated that the diversity of trees in the Amazon varies from 40 to 300 different species per hectare.


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