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Forever the Forest, the Mother of all Medicines, the Lungs of the World. From the Forest I have everything, everything She gives me…

Haux: The Vibrant Echo of the Amazon’s Spiritual Language

In the heart of the Brazilian Amazon, where the verdant canopy whispers ancient secrets, the

“Unlocking the Potential: Exploring the Health Benefits of Jatoba Bark in Herbal Medicine”

The Jatoba Bark is a Beautiful Rainforest Medicinal Plant Jatoba, also known as Hymenaea courbaril

Discovering the Enigmatic Murici Plant: Characteristics, Uses, and Benefits

Introduction The Amazon rainforest is home to an astonishing variety of flora and fauna, some

Samauma, the Queen of the Forest Tree

The Samauma tree (Ceiba pentandra) is a giant tree species native to the Amazon rainforest

A World Cup where Everybody Wins – Kuntanawa People Promote the Tree Cup

Neither stadiums nor major delegations or major football players. The day after the last game

The Importance of the Indian Culture for Brazil

Contemporary Brazil is more indigenous than is usually supposed. Although culturally transformed by the secular

Everyday Was Day of the Indian

Dia dos Indios 2019 – Day of the Indian 2019 This is one of my

Why is Palo Santo Used in Ceremonies?

Pau Santo means “sacred wood”. The beginning of the use of this wonderful wood is