Canela de Velho – Shaman Snuff

Canela de Velho Rapé Rapé is made with the much appreciated ash made with the bark of the Canela de velho (Miconia albicans) tree. Canela de velho (Miconia albicans), is a shrub species of the Melastomataceae family, which is native to North and South America. Canela de Velho has been a sacred remedy for a wide variety of chronic pains in the knees, spine and joints for centuries. It is a wonderful sacred plant.

It has antioxidant properties, fighting free radicals, and is also anti-inflammatory.

Despite the lack of studies to prove its effectiveness against pain, cinnamon is applied from the earliest periods of humanity to quickly relieve the symptoms of diseases such as arthritis, arthrosis and other general inflammations and joints. Torticollis, tendinitis, bursitis, twisting in the feet, disc hernias, spine pains, diabetes, intestinal disorders and stomach diseases are other evils that are combated by this plant.

It is strong but doesn’t burn the nostrils as much as Nukini for instance. Has a nice aroma.

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