Mulateiro Rapeh Snuff – A Strong and Rejuvenating Rapeh Blend


Mulateiro Rapeh Blend

This is one of our favorite blends, as it signifies restoration, strength, balance, and the circle of life.

The Mulateiro comes from a special tree in the Amazon called Calycophyllum spruceanum or capirona. The bark of this tree has a yearly cycle of shedding and regenerating, and this magic transfers into the healing powers of the Mulateiro.

It is said that the Amazonian female warriors bathed on the night of the full moon with a preparation made of the bark of the Mulateiro tree to remain always young and beautiful, hence the Mulateiro was known among the tribes as the tree of youth.

Men also drink the tea of this tree for virility, strength and stamina. Keep reading more about this beautiful Sacred Rapeh Blend in more info tab below.