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 Save the Rainforest!!! 

Our main goal is to promote rainforest prosperity.

For decades people of the forest sell away their lands because they don’t have a way to survive in it anymore. Their youth see the shining things of the modern world and they want to have them. Being an indigenous person in South America was something almost derogatory until a little while ago. Our goal is to be the bridge between the Indigenous tribes and the modern civilization, so that the energy and prosperity can circulate to the rainforest, without the tribes having to leave in search of a more comfortable life.

Bring Consciousness and Joy to the planet.

We work diligently to hold and bring our ceremonies and medicines to many different locations in order to touch as many souls as we can. The medicine guides us to do this work, to spread the healing, awakening, and loving power of Mama AYA, the Rapé and its magic, Mambe and More. Hearing a heartfelt gratitude for a deep transformation, knowing that a life has been saved from fatal depression or illness are the things that inspire us and and touch us deeply, confirming the importance of this mission.

We envision a healthy World, a peaceful and happy humanity, the time is here and we are contributing our part in the collective transformation.

Revive the connection between human and Nature. 

We collect information and learn from the Indigenous tribes, the local communities around the rainforest and the plants themselves. We share what we have gathered with whoever seeks to know, the different cures, methods of healing and prevention that Nature provides. We offer retreats where people can learn the roots of our planet, how to restore, use and preserve the Plant World.



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How we Help the Rainforests

Sufficient demand of sustainable and ecologically harvested Rainforest products is necessary for preservation efforts to succeed. Purchasing sustainable rainforest products can effect positive change by creating a market for these products while supporting the native people’s economy and provides the economic solution and alternative to cutting the forest just for the value of its timber.