What is Rapéh? 

The Rapéh (pronounced “Ha-peh”) snuff is a sacred and legal herbal snuff from the indigenous peoples of the forest. It is said to heighten the awareness and the senses, clear and align your mind, your instinct and your intuition and help promote cleansing of the body and soul.

Its purpose is to drive away dark thoughts and bad vibrations and align you with your best self. To be used in moderation, preferably outdoors, in a sacred place. 

Rapéh (we have adopted the h at the end of the word to differentiate it for that English word we all hate to even pronounce but the Portuguese word has no h at the end and the R in the begining is actually pronounce as an h so it sounds more like Hapéh)… It is usually made from a variety of sacred tobacco leaves, powdered and mixed with different types of herbs and tree ash, then ground into a fine, aromatic powder that is blown into the nostrils.

Its use is ancient and has been prominent in many different cultures throughout time. We specifically celebrate the traditions of its use by indigenous tribes and the caboclos of the forest, who use it for various purposes, including medicinal and ceremonial.

“I got to know rapéh through the Santo Daime church, as it is very popular among many ayahuasqueiros and daimistas. I understand it as a worthy ally like many other vegetal, mineral or animal substances of the forest, that are here to assist and teach those who can understand that where there is life, there is a science, a divine teaching that can help us in many ways, including physical, mental and spiritual.”

– Marcio Purusha

We recommend using the rapé outdoors as much as possible. Always make it a special moment, even if you use it more than once in your day. Make it a moment for centering yourself and coming back to the present. If you can, make a special request to the medicine; form a special relationship with it. It has magical powers and if you use it with respect it can help you release any kind of bad fluids or bad energy from your life, as well as awaken you ever more to being in the present moment, being in the heart and being one with nature, the cosmic and the divine.

We believe in the importance of appreciating the culture and traditions of the natural medicines, the existing ancestors who keep these traditions alive, and defending the historical rescue and preservation of this knowledge, at risk of disappearing amid the current trivialization of the traditional values and original cultures in modern society.

Here are some recommendations for Rapéh use based on our continued study and observation of this sacred medicine and its ancient traditions:

In order to apply or to receive any kind of blowing of Rapéh, it is necessary to have firmness, purpose and an empty mind, so that the projected blast of air and Rapéh can be received with fullness of blessings.
The breath that carries the Rapéh is an exchange of energy. Without the necessary firmness and clarity, we can waste our energy and even harm the sister or brother by sending them our problems.
Before applying the rapé snuff to someone, it is recommended to first apply it to yourself so that you can clear your thoughts and increase your awareness.
In the moment when you can feel your breath and fully take in everything around you, when you are present there with the universe, that is the right time to perform the blow of the Rapéh. This way, you can feel the medicine in its full potential.

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