Dia dos Indios 2019 – Day of the Indian 2019

This is one of my favorite songs by Baby Consuelo, depicting the beauty and the struggle of the Indians of Brazil. The words are beautiful and you can read them below the Video. Enjoy.

Curumim calls cunhatã that I will tell
Cunhatã calls curumim that I will tell
Curumim, Cunhatã
Cunhatã, Curumim
Before the men stepped on the rich and fertile
Brazilian Soil
They were populated and loved by millions of Indians
Happy Happy Owners of the Brazilian Territory
For every day and every hour was Indian day.
But now they only have one day
Only the nineteenth of April

Lovers of Nature and the Environment
They certainly were incapable
Of mistreating a female
Or to pollute the river, the sky and the sea

Protecting the ecological balance
Of the land, fauna and flora since in its history

In his Glory
The Indian is a purest example
More perfect more beautiful

Closer to the harmony and fraternity
And the joy, the joy of living
Of the joy of loving
But however now
Your war song
It’s a cry of an innocent race
Who was very happy one day
Because before
Every day was Indian day
Every day was Indian day

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