We are all aware of deforestation, or at least should be. It is a great concern for the future of our planet and for the future of our children. At such rapid rates of deforestation we are facing a great threat to our food supply, as well as water supply, so our entire existence is dependent on rain forests, and ultimately on ourselves. Let’s first understand and accept the main cause of deforestation. Have you wondered where all your food, water, furniture and houses come from? A seemingly endless supply when you don’t connect the dots.  How else can we explain the destruction of more than 80% of the Earth’s natural forests and rainforests in a matter of 100 years?

…Could it be…us? Humans? Could the Industrial Revolution have made way for the greedy and power hungry entities of the world to abuse our planet for their own benefit?


It is quite obvious that humanity is responsible for everything that is happening on this Planet, from cutting down trees to building more roads and infrastructures. The day human kind began to abuse its forest lands to feed greed and fear is the day this planet along with all forms of life it sustains began facing a great threat to survival.

Some say humans build for a better world, but is that truly their intention? Are humans building for the world or are they fostering just for themselves?

We must really ponder on these questions.

Studies show that in low population areas, where people sustain themselves by growing their own food, using various forces of nature for energy, building their own houses from local organic resources, nature is somehow preserved and cultivates more resources not only for the locals but for the entire planet.

In highly populated area with industrial technologies, manufacturing companies, factories, major crop areas, etc..Nature and its resources are declining at an accelerated rate, leading manufacturers and large corporations to go on foreign territories to steal and destroy the rainforest land from there. Sounds like an infection or cancer huh…. Causing the rapid deterioration of our Earth.

You know that saying “Money doesn’t grow on trees”?

Well if you think about it, it does. Fruits, Vegetables, oils, medicines, fabric, construction material, all come from certain trees or plants.

Except, instead of “consciously” using the resources our planet offers us, by taking only what we need to sustain ourselves and our family, by planting more seeds to replace whatever we have taken, by balancing with an equal exchange of life and love, some of us decided to monopolize on Nature. By taking way too much, in too little time, just to fill the pockets of a select few that thrive in the unfortunate world of consumerism they have created.

So, yes the connection is REAL, what we do and how we live literally and directly has a huge effect on our planet. If each one of us learns to sustain ourselves and our family, eat mainly homegrown food, recycle and use only recycled products, eat less meat (believe it or not as humans we don’t need that much meat in our diet, and we CAN survive on a plant based diet), be conscious of how much plastic you use, plant gardens and trees, if you can go off grid or even  build a permaculture house which would be independent of government gas, water, or electricity, we could easily overcome the destruction of the system and reverse the damage that has been done to our Mother Earth.

With much love,


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