Sananga is a plant native to the Amazon, it is used by the people of Kuntanawa since their tribe was established. The main indication of Sananga is to cure the physical and spiritual vision. Sananga is considered a useful natural medicine that is capable of curing all the types of eye diseases: Glycoma, poor vision or cataracts. This medicine is made from a root found in the Amazon of Brazil. It is transformed into a liquid and applied to the eyes. During traditional ceremony, it is recommended that the receiver is in a relaxed place, that allows for relaxation and the ability to fully receive the power of the plant. Sananga has various spiritual indications for treatment; it can especially be helpful to bring luck for life.  In accordance with ancient Kuntanawa tradition, it can be used to expel the curses and sicknesses that are often acquired along the path of one’s journey in life.
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Rapé is a sacred medicine used by the people of Kuntanawa during healing rituals. The use of Rapé has become a daily practice for the Kuntanawa people to protect the body from various pollution that this world currently faces.  It cleanses diseases from the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. The main ingredient in each Rapé formula is tobacco, the highest form of plant medicine spirt protection in the Amazon. The Kuntanawa people work with a diversity of Rapés and as an additive use many medicinal plants from the jungle within their Rapé formulas to treat different types of ailments.  Many use Rapé to clean their energy and bring in insight and clarity.  Rapé is a very mysterious plant concoction; it has many functions and purposes.  Its healing outcomes and experiences from this medicine are uniquely specific for each individual. The administration of Rapé can be alone or shared with another. It is blown into the nose with the focus of Rapé spirit sent to the 3rd-eye chakra with the intention to open each person’s insight to their golden path of highest good.

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