Vera Fróes Fernandes is a Historian, Ethnobotanist, Santo Daime Elder and a Medicine Woman. 

She lived with Indians and rubber tappers in the Amazon for over ten years, where she researched the use of magic-ritual and medicinal plants.

Vera has been involved with the Santo Daime and Ayahuasca since the early 70s and she was instrumental in helping Pedrinho Sebastiao build the community and do his spiritual work in the early days.

Vera was director of the Boca do Acre House of Culture, Amazonas (1985/86) conducting research with the endemic medicinal flora of the region.

She is also the author of the books:

Santo Daime: History of the People of Juramidam : Amazon Culture – (Portuguese) which won the Suframa prize of History and Plant Alchemy;

How to Create Your Home Pharmacy , (Portuguese) Ed..Record.

Principal Researcher of the project
” A Comparative Ethnobotanical Study between the Amazon and India.”
funded by the UNDP-UN (United Nations)

She is the president of the Amazon Institute of Culture – IECAM, which coordinates the socio environmental project Line of the Tucum: Amazon Crafts, sponsored by Petrobras (2007-2010) with DVD and book published on sustainability in the forest: use and conservation. She currently resides in Rio de Janeiro, where she teaches the Integrated Course of Phytotherapy, teaching how to recognize, research and manipulate medicinal plants linking traditional knowledge with scientific research, considering the chemical and alchemical aspects of the vegetable kingdom.

She leads incredible retreats where she teaches about Plant Astrology, Plant Alchemy, How to create your own Medicineal Pharmacy at home and much more. Click Here to see more about Vera Froes Ethnobotanical Plan Medicine Retreats