Heya Family. We had an amazing Retreat in 15 at Vera’s sitio in Teresopolis Brasil. Our group got a lot out of this retreat and we have some amazing testimonies to share with you. We are gearing up to do it again in October of 2016.  Below is the description of the Program and all those interested please let us know so that we can start the preparations and help to guide you on the things you will need to do to make it work.

Ethnobotany/Pachamama Retreat Teresopolis Brasil 2016

For those who are on the spiritual path of Grandmother Ayahuasca, this is a great opportunity to understand the roots of our lineage. It is our pleasure to share with you our spiritual work, where the foundation was born. Vera, Purusha, Veraluz and Aisha will be sharing from their years of experience working with plant medicine and the spiritual science behind it.

Participants will be exposed to the magic world of plants with Vera Froes, an ethnobotanist, plant astrologer and potion maker. (Read Vera’s Bio Here) They will have hands on experience with plant alchemy, making salves, developing intuition and connection with the plant world and more. They will also have opportunities to experience our grandmother medicine in many different ways. We will have a day of meditation to drink, lie on a hammock and go deep and we will also have both a Pachamama Ceremony and a day to go to a Traditional Santo Daime Church Ceremony at Baixinha’s Church Ceu da Flor da Montanha. That’s besides exploring the amazing waterfalls around the beautiful land where Vera has her home and Sitio.

The retreat offers the following:

Taking medicine in meditation in order to explore:
– The healing vibration of plants through hands on experience in the Mandala Medicine Garden
– Intimate personal session with grandmother during hammock ceremony
– Developing your own intuition with the Plant World
– Spiritual Works with Vera at her setting at the Ceu da Flor da Montanha

Workshop Activities
– Learn about plant astrology
– Hands on Plant Alchemy education
– Creating tincture’s, salves, potions, medicine
– Making instruments of power from seeds (necklaces, bracelets, etc.)
– Creating a “home pharmacy”
– Comparative Ethnobotanical Study between the Amazon and India
– Films and discussion about traditional indigenous cultures
– Agroforestry Experiment
– Waterfalls
– The Atlantic Forest
– National Parks
– Massage and other Treatments
– Experience the lush nature of Brazil

Vera Froes’ Hinario
Santo Daime Ceremony at Ceu da Flor da Montanha
(A great elder’s church – Baixinha)
Rapé, Peiote, Kambo – Circle of Medicines

Date for departure is the  last week of September so those who are interested contact us right away to reserve your spot. You will have to provide a deposit in order to guarantee your place since there will only be 15 total participants for this event.

You will need to get a Visa to Brazil as it is required. The following page explains the necessary documents to get yours:

Airfare is usually around $6-1200 U$ depending on where you fly from. Some of the best departing cities are Los Angeles, New York or Orlando and Miami. If you do a Search on Orbitz with enough time in advance you can find great deals. You will be flying into the Rio de Janeiro international airport.

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