Comunidade Estrela Brilhante

The Christian Enlightenment Center Bright Star Irineu Serra- CICEBRIS

was officially founded on March 27, 2009, at Maranhão Daniel Arcelino Serra. Estrela Brilhante is a religious institution of doctrinal principles of the Santo Daime, founded in the 30s, in the state of Acre, by then Maranhão’s Irineu Serra – Mestre Irineu.

The Santo Daime is a doctrine of Christian slant, with strands of shamanism, Kardecism and elements of African descent culture. In its ritual they use the drink of Inca origin, widespread among the indigenous peoples of the Amazon region, called Ayahuasca. In the Daime doctrine, Mestre Irineu re-baptized the beverage as Santo Daime. It is Produced from the concoction of two Amazonian plants Banisteriopsis caapi (the vine) and Psychotria viridis (the leaf).

estrelabrilhanteThe CICEBRIS was already carrying out its activities well before its official inauguration in March 2009. Padrinho Daniel had his early works done with a small group of people, among them Hugo Fonseca Neto, Mivan Gedeon, Daniel Serra and his brother José Diniz Serra, from August 2006. These works took place in Heaven Master, located in Praia do Araçagy, owned by Celso Santos.

From January 2007, it was always a surprise venue of the next session because there was still a space, always depending on a friend to get a space for the works of 15th and 30th of each month. The meetings started to happen in public schools, sites and even in the kitchen of the home of Daniel Serra in the neighborhood of Pyramid.

In February 2007, Daniel Serra was presented to holy father Claudio Moreno. Claudio lent his back yard for one year, also in the neighborhood of pyramid, so that the work of his Daniel were done until he could find the official site for Estrela Brilhante. And it would come the following year, in February 2008, with the donation of 6 hectares of land by the Master Humberto Leite, of the Brotherhood Colibri. The site then went on to be the place of the new institution to come out of anonymity and to be recorded as the first of the Santo Daime church in the state of Maranhão.

At the headquarters of the church a hall was built where the monthly sessions, anniversaries, celebrations and festivals of the Church calendar are held; Bathrooms; Furnace, where the Daime preparation rituals are performed; Dormitories; a shop; an Office and a kitchen were also built. The site is also where lies the body of the founder Daniel Serra, who passed away in November 2011. The Chapel was the old space where it was in the works before the construction of the new Temple.

It is a place definitely worth visiting and supporting since Mestre Irineu’s only remaining blood lines who still are part of the Santo Daime doctrine reside and do their spiritual works. It is also the home of Emerson Maia, our illustrious feitor and beloved friend who also passed away at the end of 2015.

We have a lot to be grateful for Estrela Brilhante and we offer them all of our help and support in everything they do. Their Daime is considered by many to be the best in the world and I myself attest to that. For More information on how to make a donation to Estrela Brilhante please do so using the button below. They can use your help right now!



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Estrela Brilhante Video Gallery – Feitio 2015

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