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Ancient Voices Documentary Film team is proud to present to you a DVD of our new Pilot. Our team has been working very hard these past months to produce this Pilot, and we are very happy with this comprehensive material. In this 20 minute episode you see and feel what it means to live in the Amazon and experience the medicine from the heart of the Jungle. This pilot includes personal interviews form elders such as Kashinawa medicine man Txai Tuwe, Xamanismo leader and Reazdor Leo Artesé, Colombian and NAC leader Mao Tanka, and Daime Madrinha and Ethobotanist Vera Fróes and amazing footage from the Rainforest plus much More. 

Get the Full Package and experience the magic of the Forest right from your Desktop. We are offering a bundle with medicines and add-ons for your enjoyment and delight from the best of the footage, images and audio that we have to offer. 

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