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[su_heading size=”26″]“I heard the call that is coming from the Forest, that is calling those who are able to hear her” Marcio Purusha [/su_heading]

Elders of Brazil, Colombia and Peru reveal the mysteries of ancient plant-based medicines and healing traditions.

[quote author=”Purusha” animation_delay=”0″ animate=”fadeIn” ]The Ancient Voices Project is a crucial and timely effort to preserve and bring light to the hidden people and culture behind the expansion of Ayahuasca traditions in the world.[/quote]

This project is timely because of the nature of its subject. We feel a sense of urgency in documenting elders that have been around the different traditions for so long, who devoted their lives to it and accumulated great wisdom from doing so. Their heritage is one that belongs to all of humanity, their stories can inspire and transform a generation so lost and devoid of great examples to look up to.

The benefits of donating are many. Mainly you will be helping us to do something really amazing in the world: spreading the consciousness of gaya and mother nature, making the world a better place, preserving rainforest land and truly making a lot of beautiful people (our elders and our communities) very very happy.

Your Donations are highly Appreciated. We have many perks for our friends and supporters who donate. Choose the amount to see what you get for each level. Thank you for your contributions and browse around to see more about our project.

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