Dharma Attonement – Re-aligning for the NEW TIMES in the light of Pachamama.

Come Reconnect with nature in order to regain the balance and clarity necessary to discover your true gift and attain a new direction for the new age to be born within & without Sacraments of the plant kingdom (Ayahuasca, Cannabis, Peyote, San Pedro and etc.) all minerals, all clay of the Mother Earth is to be used…in transforming not only disease and sickness. but also the “separation” between Great Spirit and man.

The Mystery called Truth lives and dwells in these gifts of Creator. This is Self-apparent. It is plain and clear indigenous experiences are Sacred and Real. A “Great Movement” is upon all mankind. It is a day of reckoning…of reconciliation …of Intense Healing. At this moment in time, mankind comes full circle to the question…

What are we?” Born of Intelligent Design, Humankind is at a pivotal point in its’ Evolution and Maturing. Succeeding is not in question. We will evolve…we will “reunite” with Great Spirit and live in Peace. But must take the steps. And drinking from the Cup of Life of the fountain of the Goddess is an essential pré-requisite for the sincere seeker to experience.

Time is now. March 9-11/2018. Register. 3 days 575.00 per person for course, ceremonies and nourishments during retreat. Acommodations extra depending on the place.


Medicine woman

Vera Froes, one of the elders of the Santo Daime, is a revolutionary ethno-botanist, alchemist, professor, guardian and healer of the Planet.

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