Pachamama Church of Flowing Universal Light Queen of the Forest & The Violet Ray Spiritual Sanga

All major religious traditions carry basically the same message:

Love, Compassion and Forgiveness

Pachamama Church of Flowing Universal Light Queen of the Forest is a Spiritual place of learning, devotion and healing for the people.

It is a place to pray with Sacred Medicines, where seekers of truth of all races, all creeds, all colors, of any social status, of any belief, can share with others the benefits of communing with plant teachers that have been entrusted to us by our Divine Creator and passed on through the generations until they have come to us where we are.

Our mission is to create a safe and sacred platform through which individuals can obtain greater knowledge of themselves, finding healing and harmony through the process of using our medicine and other plants of power to open insights needed for the improvement of their souls, their character, to build community and to empower each and every participant to strive to achieve their most intimate aspirations.

Our belief is that God, the Divine Creator, has gifted us with the plants of knowledge, which allows us to expand our consciousness, find healing, health, wholeness and the keys that allow us to grow as human beings, to understand our human condition and to be better people. Through the use of our Sacred Medicine we achieve clarity, comprehension and strengthen our faith in the Creator.

The Ayahuasca Medicine, Also called Yage and Santo Daime is therefore an inseparable part of our religious practice as it contributes to the health and well-being of our people and it helps us to rescue the ancient and timeless values that we need for a more harmonious life.

Pachamama is a most benevolent deity worshipped by the peoples of the Andes. In Inca Mythology Pachamama is the Goddess of fertility and the one who presides over planting and harvesting. We believe that Pachamama is our dear Mother Earth. Gaya. The dynamic living system formed by the indivisible community of all life system and living beings whom are interrelated, interdependent and complementary and which share a common destiny.

Pachamama Church does not preach one way over another; we believe that all paths lead to the same source of pure and unconditional love.We believe that God or Creator, Wakantanka, Brahman, Great Spirit, Source or the Universe, whatever one wants to call IT, is the giver of all life. However,

Pachamama Church does not preach one way over another; we believe that all paths lead to the same source of pure and unconditional love.

Our center is free and our church is of an eclectic nature.

Our ceremonies are based but not limited to a combination of the Native Earth Based Traditions, The Santo Daime and other Brazilian Ayahuasca Churches, Peruvian Xamanic Practices, Umbanda, Hinduism, Buddhism and Hebrew traditions among others.

We welcome all those who come in a good way to attend our ceremonies and be part of our ever growing world-wide community.

In Peace, Love and Compassion

Marcio Purusha, Founder and President of Pachamama Church of Flowing Universal Light of the Queen of the Forest.

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