Awake The Shaman Bundle


 Nukini Snuff 20g – Sananga Eye Drops  1btl – White Sage & Bowl – 2 Palo Santo sticks

Use these sacred tools to meditate, clear your thoughts, practice and master healing and manifestation. Universal wisdom and intuition which shamans have access to can be achieved by being consistent in you practice of self knowledge and awareness. 

Awaken The Shaman bundle includes everything to bring you closer to spirit and strengthen your intuition. It does not take much to awaken the healer inside of you, but sacred medicines from the depths of the rain forest can definitely assist you. As you know  everything alive in Nature has a Spirit. The powerful medicines especially when harvested and prayed upon during preparation by indigenous natives of the land have the ability to guide you with healing and clarity and the force of the Forest of Gaia.

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