Pachamama Elder Wisdom Media Bundle

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*Set of the 4 Ancient Voices DVDS- Full Film- interview and wisdom of the many different elders and teachers from the rainforest communities.

*Flash drive with a collection of Original Santo Daime recordings as well as Pachamama Meditations and Songs

*3 prints


This bundle is perfect for the film lover, for the researcher, for the collector of history and wisdom, for the devoted student. We offer the full 4 DVD set film of the Ancient Voices. In Ancient voices we interview Elders from indigenous tribes, from Santo Daime, who have all devoted their life to the Rainforest. By gathering their teachings and wisdom we hope to bring awareness to the importance of healthy Rainforests for our survival on this planet. Watching this film is a spiritual journey which can elevate you to the highest realms and inspire you to be your best, healthiest, happiest self, as well as finding and contributing solutions for a healthier planet. Besides the full film we include a flash drive of original Santo Daime recording, which also offer priceless wisdom and teachings to the student of life and servant of love. In the Flash drive we include Pachamama meditations, and songs which you can use in your daily practice and ritual to clarity, harmony peace and love in your life. It is a great tool for the musician wanting to learn and practice spiritually uplifting and healing songs. You also get 3 laminated prints of your choice, great for putting on your altar or in your sacred space to call in angelic guidance.

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