The Tsunu, Sananga and Mambe Bundle.

Aho to the Seeker of Higher Consciousness!

As we transition from a denser, slower frequency, we evolve into an awakened state of being, raising our vibrations higher and higher. This means the foods we eat, the medicines we use, the thoughts we think, the actions we take all change. A lighter body needs lighter food, organic healing, and pure medicines straight from the Earth to assist the cleansing and ascension process. For this reason we created the Conscious Path Bundle, which consists of the three basic rainforest medicine to help your mind, body and spirit on the challenging journey of evolution.  Read More about each below in the Product Description.

1 Tsunu Rapé (pronounced Hapé – 20g) – individual price – $57
1 Sananga (10ml)- individual price – $29
1 Mambe (20g) – individual price – $57

Total-141$ – Bundle them together for Only $99 – Save $42

Mambe is on backorder

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