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Interview with Armando Costa, elder of the Santo Daime community in Lumiar, Rio de Janeiro.

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Videos: Ancient Voices New Trailer  Tuwe (Huni Kuin Chief)
ClarisseArmando Costa – 
Sebastiao Carlos – Vera Froes 

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Ancient Voices project tells the story of the unknown world of plant-based healing and spirituality as told by the elders who keep the traditions alive, the culture and life stories of the people behind the world wide expansion of shamanic traditions and ayahuasca based spiritual practices. These are the elders who started it all, their lives, their stories, their families, their faces, their medicine and the message they leave for us in the hopes of a better future.
Donate However Much You Feel Inclined to. The benefits of donating are many. Mainly you will be helping us to do something really amazing in the world. Spreading the consciousness of gaya and mother nature. Making the world a better place, preserve rainforest land and truly make a lot of beautiful people, our elders and our communities very very happy. They seem to already know that it is a time to record.
All the communities involved will benefit greatly from this project. Not only we bring gifts in new age technology or finances or even just opening channels for their medicines to go to the world.

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We are now raising money for the second round of funding for Ancient Voices. The first round was extremely successful and it helped us to establish our crew, collect initial footage, make alliances, start working on getting the licenses and permissions needed to film indigenous communities in Brasil, edit film, make new trailers, build this website and more.

[su_pullquote]We also have been able to support some of our elders in Brasil and beyond. With your support our dear friend Emerson Maia, one of the best brewers in the world was able to rebuild his feitio house and now we are helping Vera Froes re-do her herb and plant medicine garden.[/su_pullquote]

Your help was what allowed us to do all of that and now we are ready to go film in the jungle. By supporting Ancient Voices you will be helping us to do a lot of good for the world and for some really amazing people who live in the forest.

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We are not here selling spiritual music or images for our own profit. Most of the music and images that you find on our website is freely available online except for the Pachamama Recordings and some materials that Purusha has been collecting for decades. You are supporting our projects and we are organizing and archiving and creating the space for the materials to be available and so that all can benefit from it. If you are an artist however you can contribute art and songs to this website and get credits as well as financial support. All you have to do is get in contact with us through

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