“The Violet Ray provides all the necessary elements to have a fully integrated and complete healing opportunity and I’m looking forward to my next ceremony. Knowing now the amount of work that can be accomplished within one night’s ceremony is going to elevate my prayer moving into the next session. I feel with a focused effort and open awareness towards the things that I’m seeking in my growth I can get some really deep work done.” Neil


“During the ceremony I felt love for everyone present and felt it reciprocated. The whole room resonated with love. And I felt I could direct this love outside the room to anywhere I needed.”  Cha


“The visions and emotions were beautiful – fireworks and polished gemstones and waking dreams of the jungle (where I have never been), but one vision I would like to describe is on the second night after the first cup of medicine I saw a VIOLET being – something like the bow of a giant ship or the head of a giant snake, some combination of the two, a mother-ship, maybe, upon which were countless smaller beings and maybe even banners blowing in a breeze.” Josh


“The sharing/integration circle the next day was so super useful and something I’ve never been able to do before.” Liberty


“I loved my time in Violet Ray and it has come back to me many times in my prayers and dreams and I will love to get back to that very deep point that is not always easy to achieve in a Pachamama (Sanga-Style) Circle. I love the singing and music of the sanga circles so much but it is a different kind of healing for me and I feel the need for the deeper journey.” Richard

“I really enjoyed the small intimate feel of fewer attendees. This lended a real feeling of privacy for one’s experience, while still staying open to the energies of the circle and its participants.” Tom


“Tom did the Sananga eye medicine and found it helped with his concentration and focus for the medicine. It also clarified his vision afterwards as promised, especially at night. He would definitely do it again.” Tom and Liberty

Queen of the Forest