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Nukini Rapé – Sansara


Here we have a Nukini blend with a beautiful flavor given by two plants traditionally used in Rapé blends both for their supposed medicinal properties and for their scent. One is called Sansara and is considered a herb with spiritual qualities and is used for energetic cleansing. The second is called Chamba or Anador and is used traditionally for natural pain relief. It is considered good for headaches and the like. A female member of the community crafts the medicine.

Nukini is back in stock. 

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Dreamers Hapeh Bundle


Get the 4 Pack with Sol and Lua Hapehs plus Andino and Jurema

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San Pedro Cream


A Super strong cream that is used to aid with arthritis, pain, its cicatrizant and it is an incredible massage oil as well. Really transcendent. Made in Bolivia with San Pedro (Wachuma) cactus and CBD oil extract. 

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Agua de Florida con Jarina – Magical Angel Cologne


Agua de Jarina is a Floral Water prepared with Agua de Florida and incorporates flowers of the Jarina tree. In the words of the maker, “this magical cologne is used to send away negative energies bringing equilibrium, good direction and peace and tranquility on our path”.

50ml – ships in 7 days!

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Dragon’s Blood is a resin from a tree from the Amazon region of Peru, Ecuador and Brazil, it is said to speed up the healing of cuts and infections and helps to treat insect bites among many other benefits. Please read the description below for more info. 

Traditionally it has been taken internally as an anti- inflammatory.

10ml – Ships in 7 Days*

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Leather Kuripe


Gorgeous unique Leather Kuripe snuff self-applicators. Made by the Community at Estrela Brilhante, these Kuripes have been tested for good air flow and effectiveness. Designs may vary depending on stock. 

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The Curandero Bundle

$296.00 $233.00

Your Inner Healer is calling you to come out. Have your tools at your disposal when you need them. Curandero Bundles include:

Palo Santo Pouch with 3 Sticks – 20g Tsunu Hapeh – a Tepi Aplicator  – Sananga 10ml – A Copaiba Oil – Dragon Blood Oil – Agua de Florida Shaman Water

Read all about the magical powers of each of the products included in the extended description below.

The Products Individually Would Cost a Total of $296 – On Sale now from the Full Moon to the New Moon for only $233.

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