Our Ayahuasca ceremonies are for anyone who seeks to raise self-awareness and consciousness. The sacred medicine, Ayahuasca, shines light into your reality and shows what needs to be done in order to heal and integrate. The medicine can help you to transcend to higher levels of expanded consciousness and harmony. It is as if someone suddenly removed the veil that obscured your vision. 

This is an opportunity for deep spiritual growth, reflection and holistic cleansing.
It’s invaluable and will positively affect all aspects of your life.

We Offer Ceremony monthly on the East Coast for registered members who want to take part on our Church Services with the Pachamama Church. For More information on dates and to be interviewed for participation in one of our events, please contact us at pachamamacircle at gmail.com. 


– Dress to mirror Creator’s infinite beauty – Whites are encouraged. Dress in layers so you can feel comfortable as the temperature changes throughout the day/evening.
– Wear something that will allow you to sit cross legged. Shawls, ponchos and warm socks are really nice to have. Please wear non revealing clothes. Women are encouraged to wear long skirts.
– You may want to consider wearing shoes that are easy to slip on and off for coming in and out of the ceremonial space. As a courtesy to everyone, please refrain from wearing commercial perfumes or strong scents.

Food and Preparation/Dieta:
We recommend preparing for this retreat by entering into a meditative state, focusing on your intent for the ceremony and your healing. We recommend not to have arguments or have many distractions the week before the ceremony. A dietary preparation is also recommended because of possible interactions with the MAOI and also for spiritual purposes. It is suggested that the following foods be avoided: red/heavy meats, strong alcohol, beer, wine, spicy food, fermented food, pickled food, herring, anchovies, old cheese,dairy, acidic fruits, garlic or onions. Limit your thoughts and discussions not related to the spiritual work you are about to embark on. It is also recommended that you eat your last meal around 3pm the afternoon before drinking medicine. It is recommended to eat light, healthy,  to properly hydrate and MOST importantly to be in positive, meditative frame of mind. (:

Please inform us if you have any serious medical conditions and if you’re currently taking prescription medications including any SSRI’s (prozac,zoloft, other antidepressants). It is good to know in advance so that we might advise you of any possible precautions/reactions.Three days before the ceremonies, please do not take any: antihistamines; demerol; medications for colds, cough, or hay fever; nose drops/nasal sprays; nasal decongestants; or diet pills. We will be asking all those that register to fill out our medical release form.

Other Preparations:
Be sure to bring sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, seating, cushions and anything necessary to create a comfortable space for you to be comfortable throughout your journey. Bring food to share for the integration potluck, something healthy and light (fruit, soup, quinoa, etc.) Dress comfortably and in layers so you can feel comfortable as the temperature changes throughout the day/evening.Shawls, ponchos and warm socks are really nice to have As a courtesy to everyone, please refrain from wearing commercial perfumes or strong scents.

Please honor and protect the privacy of our gathering.  Be very discrete in speaking of it to anyone but close friends who can understand and appreciate the transformational spirit of the work involved.  Please do not post images of people in ceremony on Facebook or other social media outlets.  If there is someone you feel would really like to join us, please send me their email address and I will forward them an invitation. Send that information as well as any questions you may have to: pachamamacircle@gmail.com


You can register in advance by making your contribution of at least $75 as  deposit to hold your place as soon as possible via PayPal – pachamamacircle@gmail.com.

This deposit will be used to guarantee your spot in our circle.
You may also pay by credit/debit card via our website:

Along with your deposit please download, complete and return (by email) your medical MEDICAL RELEASE AND REGISTRATION FORM along with your intentions for coming to participate in this ceremony.

for Questions or Concerns Fill the Form Below: