My son, this is not to be anything but a return to the course in direction to its sacred path, in the brightness of the sun of love, we will together reach a point destined, we will see yes, together shine the light of equality, Understanding and divine justice among men. You have a lot yet to do in this life my son and what depend on me I will do everything humanly possible so that you never but never lose the hope of seeing a better world… so that you never lose the certainty that yes, We can create a new dream, for ourselves, for our family and also for the whole earth… a land, a new era, a more developed civilizacao… of clean energies, without tyranny and without power or money , a world where there are no forbes lists with men and women showing their wealth while millions, maybe billions are hungry and homeless and without clean water to drink…. a world where no bright young man like you loses the will to live and To be young and happy and play in the fields of the Lord… a world where forests are loved and respected as well as their sacred peoples who live in them, where animals are not always in the threat of extincao in the name of a grey Ruled by the love of the next, the cooperation and the friendship and where the cultural and cultural differences are appreciated and admired… where there will be no more war and no hunger… eh possible… if there is this wonderful world Bailando in the sky insured for nothing… just the magic of the love of the sun and the moon and with the stars… with all the perfect conditions for life my son, then everything and possible, and so it will be I promise here solemnly to dedicate the rest of my life to prove somehow that we can be happy and we must take care of our happiness, our family of and our homes, and water our gardens but that we can also go far beyond, do much more , together, United and happy, working for the good of all humanity. So be my son, in the light of this healing that you are bringing to yourself but really for all of us who love you, for all our family, our here closest but also spread all over this world of God and pachamama, our mother gaia . ..

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