Shamanic Retreats

Becoming a Ceremony space holder is a duty of every sister and brother who frequently go to ceremonies anywhere.  Learn the ways while you train with Madrinhas, Padrinhos, Pagés and the most profound Daime/Aya Experiences available today. 

Vivências na Floresta

Part of the Daime Perpétuo Project (Perpetual Daime/Aya). We will be going to help the last of Mestre Irineu’s bloodline still in the Church to make this beautiful sanctuary of nature into a space for healing, transformation and growing our Sacred Medicines. 

EthnoBotany Retreats

This experience left me inspired to give all that I can give in service to a beautiful vision of divine wholeness that this medicine community is manifesting before our eyes. I am blessed to now be a part of it. I cannot recommend this experience enough!!!  N. BARBER

Our Ayahuasca ceremonies are for anyone who seeks to raise self-awareness and consciousness. The sacred medicine, Ayahuasca, shines light into your reality and shows what needs to be done in order to heal and integrate. The medicine can help you to transcend to higher levels of expanded consciousness and harmony. It is as if someone suddenly removed the veil that obscured your vision. This is an opportunity for deep spiritual growth, reflection and holistic cleansing.
It’s invaluable and will positively affect all aspects of your life.


Indigenous Plants of Power

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