With a full moon in Scorpio you can expect some intense passionate emotions to emerge. You might be reminded of or revealed some hidden parts of yourself. Scorpio rules transformation, it is a reminder to honor ALL aspects of existence, death as well as birth. This is happening deep deep within our subconscious, a revolution. Whatever does come up should be honored and released.
The moon is conjunct Jupiter Retrograde also in Scoprio. Jupiter is also guiding us go deep inside for growth. We are re-discovering our inner truth, our ancient selves.
Don’t be afraid to sit with yourself and be vulnerable, it is in the beauty of this deep feeling that you find your truth.
The moon is trining Neptune in Pisces, which makes way for a creative release of all the emotions that come up. Dance, paint, write, create. Creativity is a great support tool for any healing process. As well as a guide for your purpose and passion. Siting with our emotions feeling them and using them to creatively is a great way to understand ourselves, our inner world.
Mercury is conjunct Uranus in Aries, pay attention to revolutionary ideas, information, messages, everything is a teacher. These are all resources coming in to help you reach your full potential.
Full Moon in Scorpio ritual- Working with the Womb
This is a powerful time to focus and send some healing energy to our womb. Scorpio rules the womb. Now, you don’t have to be a woman to do this kind of work, as a man you have the feminine principle within you, you came out of a womb, you have your mothers genes. Just as women have the masculine principle within themselves.
What you can use, if you don’t have any of these things its ok, you can still do this meditation with success.
Bowl of water (Clean drinking water)
Moonstone, Amber, Citrine or Jasper. (Put inside the water)
Place the bowl of water and crystals in front of you as this element is connected to the Sacral Chakra (Womb). Light the candle, always ask for permission and blessing to enter the sacred space of Spirit. Count your blessings, and express gratitude, it will open your heart for a powerful session. Begin with however you relax your body and center yourself through breath work to prepare for meditation. I like to inhale deeply from my crown chakra down through my root and exhale slowly 5 times. Then inhale deeply from my root chakra (perineum), and go up through my crown chakra, and exhale slowly, 5 times. This brings me to a great centered place and relaxation.
Now place your left hand over your heart chakra and your right hand over your womb, lower abdomen, sacral chakra. Breathe in deeply, a golden amber light filling your breath and entering your sacral chakra, enveloping it, nurturing it, healing it, empowering it. Exhale slowly any fears that come up, any emotions that have been trapped for too long, any traumas that linger from the distant past. Keep repeating this for 5-10 minutes.
Drink the crystal and golden light infused water and feel it cleanse and nourish your sacral chakra. With gratitude and love contain and close your chakras to their neutral state. Give thanks to Spirit, your guides, your higher self and close the meditation.
Its always a good idea to journal what comes up before or after working with chakras, these are powerful energy points in our body and they are indicators of our overall health. Thoughts, memories, feelings that come up can be hints on what you need to work on or heal.
So much love to you <3
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