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veraVera Froes, one of the elders of the Santo Daime, is a revolutionary ethno-botanist, alchemist, professor, guardian and healer of the Planet. She carries sacred knowledge and wisdom passed down by the elders of the rainforest and Santo Daime community. Vera dedicated her life to protecting the planet at a very early age, she continues doing so by opening space for those that want to learn.

Vera offers her beautiful house and land in the mountains of Teresopolis Brazil, amidst the Atlantic forest, for people to come and learn the language of Nature. “Luz Da Montaña” meaning “Light of the Mountain”. In her oasis you will find many herbs, plants, vegetables, fruit, and beautiful mandala gardens. Pretty much every plant on her land is a cure for something, from the minutest illness such as the common cold to the most fatal diseas such as cancer.
Vera has also created a lab right next to her mandala gardens; where students experiment with the plants, learn how to create extracts, oils, crèmes and many other different alchemical procedures.













The retreat with Vera Froes offers a deep understanding and knowledge on the plant and spirit world. Understanding this connection between Nature and Spirit, teaches us a lot about ourselves as well. In fact the molecular structure of human blood is almost identical to that of plant chlorophyll.

humanbloodvsplantThese are some of the things you learn, which from my experience unveiled a whole new level of connection to Nature, we ARE nature. Learning about plants teaches us how to care and preserve our planet, and with that same knowledge how to heal and protect ourselves. It’s a perfect harmony, when all beings live in recognition and respect for each other.

During the retreat we also get a chance to explore the Atlantic rainforest, the waterfalls of Teresopolis, the local fairs and bazaars that are full of natural organic and homemade goods.


Vera has amazing helpers and cooks that are always ready to assist and prepare delicious organic meals every day.                                     As we learn about Nature we are offered to drink medicine, either while working with the plants, during a ceremony or a Santo Daime work. It strengthens our ability to connect and communicate with nature and really build the relationship that we can take with us for the rest of our lives.

seedsVera’s daughter Veraluz lives with her mother and continues along the path that her mother created. Veraluz is incredibly creative and also shares with us her knowledge and skills, like making authentic protective jewelry from seeds of the rainforest, and beautiful mandalas.

We receive pretty much all the information we need to be able to cultivate, plant, grow, harvest, create, use and restore Nature. Most importantly we learn to do in a conscious and loving way to all life. We are grateful to Vera and Veraluz for offering us their sacred space that they have created, as a center for learning, healing developing a true understanding of our magical nature, and undoubtedly rejuvenating and clearing our physical, psychological, and spiritual bodies.



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