Viva the Forest and What Lives inside of it!

Because the New Age that they have been announcing, It will depend on us for it to manifest” 

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Ancient Voices Documentary Film

Ancient Voices Final Trailer

Ancient Voices project tells the story of the unknown world of plant-based healing and spirituality as told by the elders who keep the traditions alive. The project shares the culture and life stories of the people behind the world wide expansion of shamanic traditions and ayahuasca based spiritual practices. These are the elders who started it all, their lives, their stories, their families, their faces, their medicine and the message they leave for us in the hopes of a better future.

Rainforest Awareness Worldwide

Raw is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting preserve the rainforests and the culture of the people who inhabit them. Our focus is on disseminating facts, history and habits, including social aspects, religion and economics of the people who live in the rainforests.