August 1st

Moon moves into Aries. Sun in Leo still opposing Mars Rx. Moon in Aries opposing Venus in Virgo. We become more aware of our needs within relationships, and more willing to do something about it. With Moon in Aries we may feel extra impatient and want things to happen NOW. Mars Rx is squaring Uranus, who is about to Retrograde as well. Today the Moon in Aries is sextiling Mars Rx, so really feel the urge to act.


August 4th

Moon in Taurus opposes Jupiter in Scorpio…can be a positive aspect for internal growth, but it can also manifest as excessive behavior, jealousy or possessiveness.

Sun square Moon…Be careful of arrogance and emotions acting through the ego. There will be some internal conflict or contradiction between the head and heart.

Moon square Mercury Rx… Its very important to reflect before you respond during this transit.

Sun is conjunct Mercury Rx any miscommunication or adjustments needing to be made will come into consciousness.

Venus squares Saturn Rx… things will come up in relationships. Perhaps we have been overly analytical and judgemental, perhaps we are confusing emotional attachment with the need to grow on our own. Past relationships may come up needing to be resolved for good. This will create space for new opportunities or projects as well.


August 7th

Uranus goes Retrograde and it makes an aspect with Mars Rx, Venus and Saturn.


This Uranus Retrograde brings sudden changes in love life, how we express sexuality. Also work and finances. You may be faced with temporary obstacles and tests in your work, or in relationships. But this is simply trying to get you to discipline yourself in both of these areas.


Uranus Rx squares Mars Rx… there’s lots of rebellious energy here wanting to break through. There is a revolution in matters of sex, guns, violence, and the planet. Black moon Lilith is also conjunct Mars Rx so this fierce revolutionary energy is seasoned with the wrath of the suppressed feminine. Kali ma is definitely doing her work here, ripping through ego and illusion.


The way to channel the Uranus Retrograde is through active creation and expression. Allow your curiosity, passion and emotions to guide you to create something positive with all this raw explosive energy. Contribute your unique expression to the World, it will go a long way!!! You may just end up finding your purpose and create and income of energy doing what you love!


Mars Rx trine Venus,there is a focus on relationships and sex, we may all feel the need for intimacy, or to express sexually. If you’re in a relationship you may come closer and harmonize to relieve some of that tension. If you’re single you may have have some dates or flings… It will most likely not be something that lasts, but that won’t be an issue right now.

To add to relationships we have Jupiter Square Sun and they are both making the same aspect to Venus. Any issues with jealousy, possessiveness, obsession, control, ego will be brought to consciousness, in a challenging way. This is affecting your relationships,as well as your self love.