Lions Gate portal 8/8 and New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Leo, August 11, 2018

From July 26 the Lions gate Portal has been open and activated by the eclipses, this will continue peaking until August 12, 2018.

The Lions Gate Portal is an annual alignment of Star SIRIUS with the Pyramids of Giza. Sirius is closest to Earth during the Sun’s transit in Leo. If you do your research you will find that all Ancient sacred sites are built in alignment with specific astrological transits.Sirius has been tracked by the earliest tribes and civilizations on our planet, such as the Dogon tribe of Africa. So it’s safe to say there is a vital, Universal energy force that can be accessed during this alignment.

Lions Gate Portal will be at its strongest on 8/8/18 until 8/12/18. Sun in Leo is opposing the North Node, so we are becoming more aware of our purpose, and work in the world. Sun is conjunct Mercury Rx, communication issues can bring up issues of our excessive habits or power struggles as Mercury is squaring Jupiter in Scorpio.

Moon is on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer, our emotions are moving towards nurturing our family relations. Moon is opposing Saturn Rx, this can bring forth issues of the past, perhaps past life karma, which can be resolved and cleared during this powerful portal. Saturn Rx is also opposing the Part of Fortune which is another indication of clearing past life karma and making space for blessing and abundance.

Mars Rx is opposing the South Node, releasing repressed energy of the past. Mars Rx is still squaring Uranus Rx, changes are still coming up in seemingly challenging or violent manifestations. Black Moon Lilith is also right there conjunct Mars Rx, this is the Dark Feminine, the spirit of the repressed angry feminine that has been mistreated for so long is lingering to bring the needed change, even if it is through destruction, which is her way of bringing evolution.

This is the Astrological forecast for August 8, 2018, the Lions Gate Portal. Make sure to meditate on this day as it will bring powerful revelations and amplify your intention for releasing and creating space.

Now let’s look at the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 11, 2018. The theme of this Eclipse and Lions Gate Portal is the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, the Twin Flames. We are being asked to come into our heart center and find the balance of these energies within is. As the Moon and Sun are both conjunct Mercury Rx, we are guided to pay attention to our communication and thought process. This will help us discern where we are coming from, the ego or the Soul. This Eclipse is really helping us to leave behind and transform the toxic masculinity that had dominated the Earth in the form of destructive patriarchy( the outdated system). We are also transforming the suffering of the feminine and reinstating her into her rightful place and role as the Divine Mother of creation. We have a great potential to balance the polarities here which has never been easy, but is the most powerful force for creation and manifestation, and bringing harmony onto the planet.

We also have an aspect called YOD or The Finger Of God, between Saturn Rx and Neptune Rx, pointing at the Solar Eclipse, New Moon and Mercury. Its as if God is saying “express your emotions and shine the light of your heart.” Once we balance the Divine Masculine and Feminine within us we activate the Divine Wisdom which will implement the 5th Dimensional reality of consciousness.

With all this being said, keep in mind that what and how you need to balance the polarities may come up in unpleasant or conflicting ways, in relation to others or within yourself. This is why its important to meditate, write and move energy so that we can have a deeper understanding and clarity of what is going on and navigate it.

My love is with all of humanity, as I pray that we all find our balance and reinstate harmony with our planet. She will live on with or without us, but I believe we will as a humanity experience a beautiful, peaceful, balanced and conscious reality here on our Mother Earth. So it is.