Kuntanawa One in a Lifetime Tepis – Support the Kuntanawa Tribe


PM us through the website to find out what these are made of. Unbelievable unique and hand crafted by none less than the heir and soon to be Kuntanawa Tribe’s Chief Leader Haru Kuntanawa. This is a unique opportunity to own a piece of the Rainforest, literally, made of pure jungle, of the bones of the very animals that threaten the tribe and are then honored in art and medicine for those who are lucky enough to be able to have one of these. The energy alone in these pieces is worth thousands, but beyond that, while you bless yourself with it, you will be blessing this amazing movement of resistance of the Forest, which is regrowing and bringing with it its magnificent culture of the Utmost Connection with the Forces of Nature and Mother Gaia. Only a few of these are made at a time so no guarantees that they will last. Right now only at QueenoftheForest.org

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