Shawandawa – Balance


This unique rapéh comes with gratitude from the Shawãdawa tribe of the Macaw. This is a very strong blend with a gentle flavor. It is made with ash from the Murici tree. Traditionally, Shawandawa is used both to get strength for work and to relax in the afternoon with friends. Thus, it can be used to help restore balance in your life. This special blend will give you energy while keeping you grounded. 

The Shawãdawa tribe lives along the Juruá river in the most western region of Brazil, close to the Peruvian border. This small tribe consists of only 550 people. They only recently came in contact with Western civilization and it is a rare treat that we are able to share their medicine with you. 

All of our rapéhs are ethically sourced from indigenous people and intentionally produced with the wisdom, intentions, and prayers of their humble shamans that want to continue living in harmony with our Mother Earth.

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