Katukina, Nukini plus Mambe Deals

Tsunu – Nukini and Mambe – 3 Favorites at our Site now on  Special Bundle Deals

Katukina Hapeh Snuff

The Katukina Rapé is similar to the Tsunu in its effects but maybe a tad stronger on intake. It is a very smooth, clearing, cleansing and grounding rapé. It aids in the decalcification of the pineal gland and the total alignment of body mind and spirit.

Nukini Snuff 

This Rapé is made with organic local Tobacco and Parika ashes. Apart from the Tabacco and the ashes there is some herbal medicines typical from theNukini and some other herbs like Trevo Cumaru and Mulatinha. 

Its qualities are very clearing and centering in the mind and vision within the 3rd eye and crown chakra areas. Good dreamtime hapé snuff. 

Mambe Superfood

This green superfood medicine is useful for everyone’s health and well being, but it ‘s mostly recommended for recovering from any debilitating illness. It is herbally nutritious, containing vitamins minerals, phyto-nutrients, and essential oils all woven into a bio-available plant matrix that supports the activation of these alkaloids without detrimental down time or damage.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.