Kuntanawa and Tsunu Snuff – 50g/each + Sananga Super Special


The Kuntanawa Hapeh Snuff

The Rapé is prepared with a base of local, organically grown Tobacco and the ashes of Tsunu tree. The special character of this Rapé comes from the herb Lourinho that gives it a pleasant fresh smell. Lourinho is used for spiritual cleansing. Another local herb from the region used in this particular blend is Kapaxanba which is said to work great for headaches

Tsunu Snuff 

Tsunu is one of our best sellers, known and used for its powerful effects, clarity, grounding, focus and internal health. It is known to fight bacteria, and assists us with the release of congestion in the sinuses. It is a smooth, very aromatic rapé that resonates well with anyone that uses it. It also drives away negative thoughts and bad vibes.

Regular Price – $339 Bundle Price – $310

Your Savings – $29