Nukini, Puyanawa and Mint Kuntanawa Pack

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Hey Seeker of Light. This is a Special Offers that only our Valued Customers can see so Enjoy your blessings. These are special Rapé blends that can even be mixed and used together, although you are getting one of each of the 3 varieties.

The Nukini is one of the most pleasant and aromatic of all the Rapè blends. Even with the enhanced energies and power to the body the mental state is left calm and clear.

Kuntanawa Mint is a new production of this exquisite Rapé, from a beautiful brother from the Kuntanawa tribe. It has a very different aroma than most, and contains mint which gives it a strong yet refreshing blow. 

The Puyanawa has been quickly becoming a Tribe favorite with our customers. Puyanawa Rapé is made with organic Moy Tabaco from the Jurua Region, Parica ashes, and a herb called Lourinho. There is no info to be found about Lourinho, it is a local name that the forest people use. Its exact scientific name is unknown. Lourinho is a plant with a lush fragrance that opens the nasal passages, while refreshing the mind and clearing the spirit. It is used for spiritual cleansing by the indigenous people of the region. 

Get the 3 for the Price of 2!

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