Mayan Prophecy – The Mayan Prophecies describe the situation of the world in details but it’s not what most think it is. The Mayan prophecy describes the end of times more like the end of times as we know it. It refers also to the birth of a new kind of harmonic culture which recognizes the need for humankind to go back to Nature living and connection to the earth and its creatures.

This short film is an introduction to Ancient Voices and it shows the reasons why we are making our Series of Films, Ancient Voices, which is due to be release in the middle of April with a “Historical Release”, part of the fund raiser to allow the production to go into post production.

Like what you see?

Mainly focusing on why we promote Rainforest Consciousness worldwide in the hope of divert the direction of self destruction to one of more harmony with Nature. We need to be aware before we can truly make a stance for the world and for our children. No matter how we look at it, things look bleak and the outcome does not look good for a healthy sustainable future for humanity. Could Ayahuasca help?

That’s what we propose in this short film and in the upcoming series.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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