Marcio Dias  Marcio Purusha Pachamama Church

Roles: Director, Screenwriter, Casting Director

 Marcio is a medicine man that has devoted his life to Ayahuasca for over 26 years. As a filmmaker by trade, Marcio believes we can raise awareness and ultimately change the world through media. In 2007, after 15 years of study under the most influential elders of the Brazilian Santo Daime tradition, Marcio started the Pachamama Church movement, which facilitates Ayahuasca ceremonies across the United States. His mission is to achieve worldwide recognition of ritual use of all sacred medicine plants and to create a fair and ecological society that respects its elders and lives harmoniously with the earth and her resources.

Professional Background: NGO, Film


Carlotta Mastroianni Carlotta

Roles: Co-Director, Co-Producer, Advisor

Carlotta is a filmmaker with many years experience in film and television. Best known for producing films such as Megunica, Ninjas Du Japon and Bad Weather, since 2009 she has been dedicated to directing internationally acclaimed feature documentaries on subjects that she is profoundly passionate about, studying communities and tribes all over the world. Her latest film Bad Weather was nominated for Best Feature Doc at IDFA, as well as the prestigious Davide di Donatello award. It was shown at over 20 festivals around the globe and won Best Italian Doc of the year in 2012 as well as Best Doc at Bellaria and the Fipreschi Critics award at Flahertiana amongst other recognition.

Company: Cornbread Films

Title / Position: Director, Writer, Filmmaker

Professional Background: Film, Television


Tupac Mauricio Saavedra Tupac

Roles: Director of Photography, Editor

 Tupac, alumnus of UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism and founder of Prana Eyes Media, works as a producer, director, cinematographer and journalist. Tupac’s mission to harness the power of media to transform communities around the world has taken him to India, Cuba and most of South America. He directed the 2004 documentary Bolivian Baroque, which aired in Europe and Bolivia; produced and directed the 2005 award-winning film, On the Road With Evo, which followed the campaign of Bolivia’s first indigenous president Evo Morales. Recently, Tupac has produced and edited documentary shorts for Frontline World, Time, and Yes Magazine.

Company: PranaEyes Media

Title / Position: Cinematographer, Producer, Director, Journalist

Professional Background: Film, Television, Journalism

                                                                                                                                              Brittany Bio

Brittany Koziol  

Role: Production Manager

Bio: Brittany is a Historian, Educator, Anthropologist and a graduate of Central Connecticut State University. She is an environmentalist and is very passionate about preserving the cultures of the Amazon Rainforest, as well as the forest itself.

Professional Background: Historian, Education, Management, NGO


Lucas Dias Vieira Lucas

Roles: Video Editor, Sound Tech, Production Assistant

Bio: Lucas Dias Vieira is a Brazilian filmmaker, songwriter and blogger. He has also worked with video editing, audio recording, script writing and web design and is always moving towards living in better harmony with the spirit of the Earth and its inhabitants. He graduated from UFF, the Fluminense Federal University in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with a degree in Film Studies and believes in making movies that expand the consciousness of the audience, that shed a new light on the mysterious experience of life.


Miles Mathews 11059955_933828913342598_3440584501966257214_n

Roles: Video Editor and Art Consultant

Bio: Miles is a film maker from California. He graduated with a degree in film from UC Berkely. In addition to being passionate about films that spread a positive message he is also a talented artist.