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 Why Save the Rainforest?
The single most effective way to reduce carbon emissions is to protect the rainforest that still exists. Protecting the Amazon is more effective than all current worldwide efforts to reduce industrial emissions and install alternative energy sources put together. 

amazon-rainforest-wallpaperAnd the absolute best way to protect the Amazon rainforest is to empower the Indigenous People that have lived there, in harmony with nature for thousands years, to continue to thrive as natural guardians of their environment.


tribeJoin the Tribe

Download Music, Images and Get Member Coupons while you Support our Projects to Save the Forest.

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plantmedicine2Plant Medicine Shop

Shop for various Rainforest Medicines and beautiful Handmade Creations.

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saveforestHelp the Forest

Did you know you can buy Rainforest Acreage and Donate it to Preservation Forever?

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Participate in a Healing Medicine Ceremony. We hold ceremony across the globe. 

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From the Store

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Our main goal is to promote rainforest prosperity.

We act as a bridge between Indigenous tribes and communities of the Forest and modern civilization, so that the energy and prosperity can circulate to the rainforest and healing and medicines to the western world. 

We envision a healthy World, a peaceful and happy humanity, the time is here and we are contributing our part in the collective transformation.



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