They all knew the secret of the power plant that is ayahuasca, the liana. The vine for us is nixi pae; the leaf is called kawa.


It is said that the warrior went hunting. He was hunting and ended up finding an enchanted, white boa constrictor who lived in the big lake. (Explain: the boa constrictor lived in this lake and became a woman, went to land and then returned to the lake).

And from that meeting, at that moment, the warrior fell in love. He asked her to marry her and she accepted. The warrior and the boa constrictor had a very good life, knowledge and learning in the spiritual world of the White boa constrictor. In this large lake, in the community of Jibóia Branca, lived many enchanted.

They all knew the secret of the power plant that is ayahuasca, the liana. The vine for us is nixi pae; the leaf is called kawa. The warrior learned from the White Boa all the teachings of chant, of mantra – we call “miração del boa boa” -; learned how to prepare to call the enchanted, all the creations of God, which we call Kushipa. It is a song on our tongue, our language is called Ratxa Kuin. We sing the Huni Meka, which is our song, our mantra, of the boa constrictor.

Within this community that the warrior went to live with his wife, White Snake, they had three children. And so he was living in their lives, doing everything as they did. Legend has it that they spent three years living in this dark lake bottom. There was a certain day that the community’s pajés went to get the liana and the leaf, to prepare nixi pae.

The warrior, who had been there for some time, had never tasted the vine, but was curious. He went to the nixi pae ritual without taking it because the boa constrictor did not let him participate in the miracle of the sacred vine, the teaching. But that day he wanted to participate, it was time. Then the warrior asked permission to take the vine. It had been three years already.

The White Python said that he could not because it was very strong the miração of all the secrets of the Boa. Around the woods he had a very sacred mirage. Then he said: “But I want to participate, I’ve been here for three years, for me it’s enough and I want to participate in this ceremony to see which is the song of the Boa that will show me in the miração.

I am a warrior and I have to participate. ” Then his wife said: “You are free, you can take it and concentrate on the corners of the boa constrictor so that you can have a good mirage, to bring peace to our community, knowledge, learning, wisdom, ayahuasca light.” So they took it tonight, it was a very important night.

They were doing the ceremony there at the bottom of the dark lake – all delighted, all the animals of that place attended the ceremony. They began to sing, they served a glass for each, they served one more, the second, the third round … Then they began to receive the forces of the vine, the incorporation of all the vibrations of the ayahuasca, the energy of the earth, of the water, of the forest, and the warrior began to perceive the forces of the miracles of the Boa.

He heard the chants and saw a lot, learned a lot, and at one point he saw a White Boa consume a warrior in the mirage. From the moment he saw that he was being swallowed by the White boa constrictor in the mirage, the warrior could not stand, he began to scream loudly at the ceremony, “ah ah ah ah!”. But he could not scream, he could participate but not shout – they had warned him in the beginning.

The pajés who had prepared the leaf and the vine were frightened, took the mirage of the warrior, forced a prayer of healing in his body and thus day dawned. As the mission was very sacred to the White Boa, they were a little upset, offended by what happened there at the ceremony. And it was a very heavy climate for the warrior. When dawn broke, the boa constrictors went hunting.

The friend of the warrior – the warrior had a friend, enchanted fish of the lake – who knew what had happened, took advantage of that the boa constrictors went to hunt, and came towards the warrior to talk with him. The fish told of the family that the warrior left there in the community he had lived on Earth with the Huni Kuin there … He recalled that the warrior’s children, with their first wife, were looking for their father, suffering without him and saying that he should return to his community there in the village.

The warrior accepted his friend’s invitation to take him to his home in a Huni Kuin community. When the boa constrictors arrived from the hunt, the warrior had fled and returned to his community. On this return, leaving the dark lake, he passed medicine on all parts of his body, on the bones, in the eyes, to transform himself again, and he returned to be Huni Kuin.

She went back to his old wife. When he arrived, she asked what had happened to the warrior, and he told the whole story of how the charm came with the boa constrictor, which he fell in love with, he thought was very beautiful, that he went to live with the enchanted ones inside the lake, who had taken the leaf and the vine, had the mirage, and which he shouted on the night of the

ceremony and then it was a boring mood and he decided to leave. He told the whole process of the charm career with the White Snake in his community, the chants he received at the sight of the liana. The woman listened to everything, stayed with him, but she was afraid he would go back to the boa constrictor and would not let him leave the house.

It took some time, and the warrior returned to the same place he had met with the White Snake the first time in the spell. He returned there because he had already seen, in that mirage he shouted, that she had a mission to fulfill. Then the warrior met the son of the White Snake, his son, who was there looking for his father. His last son, the little son, the little boa, came and bit the warrior’s fingertip, but he did not have enough strength to eat his father, to swallow. Then the little boa constrictor called a brother to help. A brother came and tried to bite the tip of his toe and also could not swallow. Then they called the other brother, and the other brother came and could not swallow either. They called the mother, who was the big, warrior boa. The boa constrictor came, managed to swallow both feet of the warrior, swallowing his foot up on the waist, in the belly, there he began to act, began to scream, he asked for help to the community. He began to scream out loud in the forest, “king king king!”.

The Huni Kuin community people where the warrior lived, listened and came to see what was happening. The warrior was in the middle, his wife was swallowing him, but he was still alive, screaming. There, the community warriors killed the boa constrictor, managed to hit their heads and managed to kill the boa constrictor. They took the living warrior out of the boa constrictor’s mouth. But the warrior was all broken, snake-bitten, with all the joints broken. The warrior asked his relatives to take the boa constrictor as well. Then the warrior’s disciples took him into the community, and they buried him and the boa constrictor side by side, as the warrior asked. They did not bury it all together because he explained that he was going to turn into a vineyard to be born a vine from the grave where he was buried – and the Jibóia was going to turn into leaf, kawa, the Queen of the Forest.

Three months later, the vine and leaf were born the way he said it. The warrior had also spoken that it was for them to take the vine with great respect. Before taking out the vine and leaf, ask for permission of nature, ask the vine and leaf for permission. The warrior also taught one more sacred thing, the teachings of the mantra through the miraction, the singing that was given. Then it was enchanted, the vine grew quickly, gave of that thickness [shows with hands]. The oldest community, of the older Indians, went there, asked for permission, they prayed, they made a ceremony around this vine and the leaf, took and cooked the way the warrior spoke, in the clay pot, put leaf , vine and water. The fire had to be made with a special tree that has in the forest, which is yapa karu, the wood that we burn to make the vine.

The entire community was invited to participate in this ayahuasca ceremony. From that moment, they took the vine, and began to have miraces in the first dose, in the second dose, in the third dose … and began to receive all the mantras that the warrior had spoken. Through this mirage they succeeded in capturing all the Huni Meká chants, the mantras of the liana, and all the wisdom of nature, science, mystery, and knowledge of the guardian of the boa constrictor, received this mission.

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