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Welcome to the Queen of the Forest and Ancient Voices Ambassador Program!

The Only Program where you can Make Money While Helping the Environment and Traditional Communities All Over South America. 

With Queen of the Forest. org, you are entitled to receive commissions as you refer your friends, contacts and associates to our program.

This type of program is ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to generate extra income by doing simple things daily that will create referrals and income. If you are not familiar with Affiliate Programs and How they work, don’t worry, we have a complete training area that will show you exactly how you can start earning commissions only by spreading these amazing products that can help and heal those who come into contact with them. 

Whether you can make an extra $50 a week or $5000 a month is entirely up to you. We offer great tools, training and know how that we have accumulated over years and years of web marketing to help you succeed so, if leaving the rat race, being able to afford yourself the little luxuries that you wish you had or just to have a little extra cash in your pocket while feeling good about working with a cause you are passionate about, this program is for you.

We are just launching a major marketing campaign to promote the Ancient Voices Project so this couldn’t be a more perfect time to join our tribe and help us grow the consciousness about first of all, Mother Nature, our Gaia, Earth… then on to the Rainforest, the Indigenous Populations and Native peoples of the world. You will be helping us promote products yes, but not just any products… but Ideas and Concepts, medicines and Tribal Truths that can help humanity in the process of awakening.

The time is now! And in the process, one of the main things that we all as conscious human beings have struggled with through time is a way to sustain ourselves but getting out of the rat race.  The internet, Facebook and Social Media in general provide us with an enormous opportunity to achieve that goal. The truth is, if you apply the concepts that you will learn here, you could very well make thousands of dollars a month in commissions with the Ancient Voices Referral Programs, our Retreats and all the products that we offer so, Sign Up by clicking the button below to get started. See you inside. 

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