Welcome to the Ambassador Tutorial,

The Queen of the Forest Ambassadorship is basically our very own Affiliate Program; it’s a platform for members to get commissions for spreading the word about our products. Every time someone buys a product on our website from a link that you shared, you get a percentage. It’s that easy.


Important: There is an automatic $10 minimum for Affiliate Payments, but we can send your payment manually if you Email a Payment Request to affiliates@queenoftheforest.org


Ambassador Tutorial

How to become an Ambassador

To become an Affiliate in our Ambassador program, you’ll need a PayPal account and a Queen of the Forest account, which you can create here. Once you have those, you can become an affiliate from your Account Home Page or head to our Ambassador Dashboard area.

Setting Up Your Profile

The Profile menu option in your Ambassador Dashboard is simultaneously for your Affiliate Profile and your Queen of the Forest profile. You can edit account details if you like, but remember that this will apply to your Queen of the Forest profile as well. So if you change your password here, that is your new password when you login to your Queen of the Forest account.

Payment Settings

One of the most important first steps is to setup your Payment Settings in your Profile tab. Until you do this, you’ll see a “Payment Settings aren’t Configured Properly” warning message in your Dashboard. As of now, we can only accept PayPal as a payment process for Affiliates, so just head to Payment Settings, choose Paypal and enter the Paypal email address you’d like to get paid to.

Marketing Tab

The second most important step is checking out the Marketing tab, where you will find the options Affiliate Links, Campaigns and Banners. Affiliate Links and Banners will be where you create links that you can share or post on your website for the public.

Creating Affiliate Links

Affiliate Links are super easy to create and share. Our round, colorful Social Media Share buttons are integrated with the affiliate program. When you use them (while logged into your QotF account), that share automatically functions as an affiliate link and if anyone clicks on the link you shared and buys something within 60 days, you get paid . Here is what those share buttons look like:

You can also create an Affiliate Link manually from your Ambassador Dashboard. In the Ambassador Dashboard, open the Marketing tab and then the Affiliate Link tab. Once there, all you have to do is enter the URL for the Queen of the Forest page you’d like to share and click Generate.

The advantages of creating an Affiliate Link manually is that you can choose when and where you want to share it and you can catalog that link under a Campaign you’re running.

Creating Banners

If you have a website and would like to have a Queen of the Forest banner on it, just go to the Banner menu option and copy the code for whatever banner you would like to use.

Creating and Managing Campaigns

The Campaigns menu option works like this: You can create Campaigns that categorize which different products from Queen of the Forest you are promoting in your Affiliate Links. So let’s say this week you’re going to share some links on facebook or twitter that take people to our Rapéh product, but next week you want to share some links that take people to our Indigenous Bracelets and you want to track those links separately. First, you create a Rapéh campaign and an Indigenous Bracelets campaign in the Campaigns area. Then, when you’re creating the links in your Affiliate Links area, you simply choose which campaign that link is for. Later, you can see which of your campaigns made more money. You could also separate your campaigns by where you’re posting your links (Email, Facebook, Instagram, Blog) and see which source is gathering more clicks for you.


The Referrals menu item is one of the places you can check on how many people have clicked on your links and/or banners and ended up buying something at the site.


The Payments menu item is where you can see how many commissions you’ve received and how much money total we’ve payed you in commission. Commissions can take up to a month to be deposited into your PayPal account. If you find yourself waiting for a specific commission to drop into your account for longer than a month, please contact us at 888-723-3605 or affiliates@queenoftheforest.org.

Important: There is an automatic $10 minimum for Affiliate Payments, but we can send your payment manually if you Email a Payment Request to affiliates@queenoftheforest.org

Ambassador Ranking

There are three Ambassador Ranks based on how many sales you’ve made through your links. Each rank gets a higher commission rate than the previous rank. The first rank is from 0-99 sales, the second from 100-499 sales and the third is for those who have made 500+ sales through Affiliate links.


The Wallet feature in your Ambassador Dashboard lets you deposit your unpaid referrals into a digital wallet, and use them as store credit. All you have to do is click on Add New Wallet Credit, then select WooCommerce from the Service Type options. It will generate a Coupon Code for the amount you selected, which you can use to purchase items from the Queen of the Forest Store.