Affiliate Program coming soon to Queen of the Forest!

Affiliate Marketing is the art of spreading the word about somebody else’s products and making commissions from it. It’s easy. You just sign up for an affiliate program, copy a link from the vendor and share it on your own blog, social network or email list; anyway you can digitally send a link and recommend a product.

Our products support indigenous communities, our projects strive to help bring awareness and make the world a better place and our audiences everywhere can earn money promoting something they believe in. 

We know that a lot of our subscribers and members aren’t exactly computer geeks, so we’re working on a whole new area of the site where anyone can sign up as an Affiliate Member and have access to an Entire Affiliate Marketing Training, which can be used to promote Queen of the Forest, but also to create other affiliate initiatives for your own business or other affiliate programs.

So stay tuned for upcoming news about the release of the program, and subscribe to our email list if you haven’t already.